Your, “Spiritual Practice”


Unity Village 2017 Summer

What is a, “Spiritual Practice?” What is your personal, “Spiritual Practice?”

In your mind, it could involve prayer and/or meditation, yoga and/or exercise, food/diet, the clothes you wear, the work that you do, or simply going to church. It could even include where you choose to live and the furnishings in your house.

But most often when I think of, “Spiritual Practice,” or when talking with someone about their practice, what comes up is what we don’t do, or what we feel like we need to start doing.

And so the focus is totally on some idea of a future time. A future time when we will get more serious about prayer and meditation, we will start an exercise program and improve our diet, we will get more involved in church, and we will do something more at some point in the future. 

This keeps our focus on what we, “should” do, but don’t. We are not as, “good” as we should be, or as we will be, “one day.”

It is a thinking pattern that has us basically looking down on ourselves, and it doesn’t really help us in propelling forward. Most of us are perpetually in the mode of, “I need to do better.”

So what I am going to propose to us all today, is a different thinking pattern.

Instead of thinking that we need to start or improve a, “Spiritual Practice,” what if we introduce the idea that our lives are already our, “Spiritual Practice?”

We are no doubt, “Spiritual Beings.” We each have a body and a mind/brain. And we have become aware at this point that though we have a body and a mind, we are not the body nor are we the mind.

Because we can see what the mind is thinking. We can interject new thoughts. We can change our minds. We tell our bodies what to do and where to go.

As awakened, “Spiritual Beings,” what is it that we could do that would be, “Un-Spiritual?”

Can we shift our focus on to what we already are? On to what we already do? Can we accept the fact that today we might need a good stiff drink or three? That we might need to smoke some cigarettes? That we need to be over weight today?

Is it possible for us to accept ourselves just as we are? To realize that we are, “Spiritual Beings,” and so everything that we say and do is already our perfect, “Spiritual Practice?”

It seems to me that by fighting, and not accepting, and trying to push away, or trying to be better, in berating ourselves, we stay in this same pattern.

Maybe if we can love and accept ourselves just as we are and understand that we don’t actually have to, “Practice” being, “Spiritual,” because we already ARE. Maybe then the pattern will shift and change some.

Of course we all understand that we are to grow and flourish and there are always certain things that we all have and need to improve on. But we also at the very same time, have to love and accept ourselves just as we are.

Anyone can see that these two statements are conflicting. Yes?

So the idea is to simply shift to the positive. The pattern consists of us putting great amounts of pressure on ourselves to change, and then we don’t change. No matter how much pressure we put on ourselves. We aren’t moving.

Instead of what we, “should” do in some future time that never seems to arrive, what if we focus on not what we are going to do, or even on what we are doing now, but what if we simply focus on what we are now?

We are Spiritual Beings.

Perhaps if we can find a way to not put so much pressure on ourselves, if we could interrupt this negative pattern, and then maybe we would experience something different.

Your thoughts?

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