Your List of Excuses

Clowning around at the Jeckyll Island Club

Clowning around at the Jeckyll Island Club with my two favorite girls. 

This won’t be the first blog I’ve written on excuses, but as I continue to prove mine wrong, the topic keeps coming up. It comes up with me personally, and also in the workshops that I lead and with clients that I talk with. We all have excuses and reasons for why we cannot do what we really want to do. What we want more than anything seems impossible and out of reach. Its for the richer or smarter or luckier or younger or more educated people, but not not for us. Maybe its the impossibility of it that attracts us? The drama? Maybe it is in some way that we all want to be a martyr? Why would we allow ourselves to live in a state of wanting but not being able to have? Of course, we all blame everything in the world. We blame everyone except for the person who is responsible. That would be our own selves. US.

Many of us are so convinced that life can’t be the way we want it, that we don’t even know what we truly want. Everyone wants cars and houses and vacations, but I’d like to focus on something a little deeper. Something inside, or spiritual. I am all for having material things, but what about feeling safe and secure? What about feeling fulfilled? What about just plain old feeling good? Do you feel good? Do you feel safe and secure and fulfilled? The answer to that, if you are in a wanting state, is “no”. If you don’t know that you can do anything you want, how could you feel safe? How could you feel secure or fulfilled? How could you feel good?

So today, lets think about and write down on a piece of paper, one thing that you want. What do you really want to do more than anything else? What is important to you?
Now write down your list of excuses. What are the reasons why you cannot do what you really want to do?

Now I want you to question your excuses. Is there really no way to get the money? Is there a way to barter? Can I learn how to do this a little at a time? Just question your own excuses. Find a way to hold yourself accountable for your excuses. Counter your excuses. Brainstorm for some new ideas, and perhaps talk with someone else about it. This one thing that you want can become a reality. The key is to get rid of your excuses somehow. This is where the “inner” work comes in.

Instead of making an excuse about why I can’t have what I want, I look at the excuse that I want to use and find a way around it. If I can’t go around, I go underneath or over it. I find a way, I make a way, and when the excuse is gone, the thing that I want begins to be a reality in my life. I have found that I am better than my little excuses, and SO ARE YOU!

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