Your Intuitive Reading


kyle_ssi_002 3Is there something you want to know about? Want to know your life forecast for the next year or so?

Do you need direction in life? Do you have some decisions to make, but find yourself unsure of how to proceed?

Are you now asking yourself, “How could Kyle possible tell me what I want to know when he doesn’t even really know me?”

Trust me, I would not be sending this out to the Universe had I not already gained a lot of experience in the practice. My record is flawless. I have been very intuitive all my life, and have been working with my intuition and “honing my skills” so to speak, a lot in the past couple of years.

Last year I offered free readings for people who “like” my Facebook page, and I did this most every week for several months. The results were more than good enough to suggest to me that I can add this service to my practice.

So how do I do it? People have different talents, and one of my talents is that “I just know things”. I can completely clear my mind and sit in absolute silence. An intuitive reading is kind of like a card reading, without the cards. You purchase a reading, then you send me an e-mail request in which you ask me for a reading, and then I go to work.

I tune in and quiet my mind and get centered. I say your name a few times out loud, and then I ask to receive intuition for your “highest good”. If you requested to know about love or money or something specific, I mention that as well.

Then the message or messages will come to me. I feel them or sense them, and I type them out as they come. They never come the same way or from the same well. As a matter of fact, I am inclined to believe that they actually come from the person I am doing the reading for, but from their sub-conscious mind. Obviously it cannot come from their conscious mind or they wouldn’t be asking. Other times, they come from seemingly separate entity’s. (Yes, I have many times passed messages from people who have passed on, to people who are still here). I don’t know where your reading will come from, but I do know that it will come! I also know that it will be for your highest good.

In any case, I am always right 🙂 (so far, anyway)

The really nice thing about a reading, is that it doesn’t matter where you are. You can be in China, California, or just down the street from me. Another funny thing about the readings is that I find them easier if I don’t know you at all. If I know you, I must clear any personal feelings or thoughts away before and during the reading. I have to hold those at bay, so that they don’t get entangled.

Along with the reading, I offer the opportunity for you to respond, ask questions, and seek further clarification if you need it. So you can speak with me about your reading via e-mail. So you not only get a reading, you get to correspond with me about it after the fact via e-mail, if you wish.

So if you are curious about something in your life, get your reading today! Just click HERE

See you on the other side!



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