Your “Feeler” Isn’t Broken


“A miracle is simply a shift in perception.” Marianne Williamson

However you feel is exactly the way you should feel.

The way you perceive things and the way you see things is going to dictate your feelings, and so your feelings have nothing to do with it really.

Feelings are a response.

Therefore, I say again that your feelings can only be right on the money. You should feel the way you feel.

During any given day it is very possible to feel lots of different things. As we go through life, we experience many different situations. Some of them are pleasant and some of them aren’t so pleasant.

Of course it hurts when you lose a loved one. Of course it hurts when things don’t go your way. Of course it feels good when you get that raise! Of course it feels good when you get to go on vacation and get a break from work. All this is very normal “up’s and down’s” of life.

But if you are feeling bad all the time, it doesn’t have to be that way.

We can change our perception and the way we see things. And this will automatically change our feelings.

If you want to change your feelings, it is time to ask yourself one simple question; How can I see this situation in a different light? 

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