You Only Get To Do This Once


Last night while watching the college football national championship game, these huge feelings washed over me.

One team featured a quarterback who was playing his last game. The other team featured a freshman who has had a great first year.

I thought about them and all the other players as well, and looking at the crowd and watching the festivities, the thought came to me that, “You only get to do this once.”

No matter how long and hard you have trained, no matter how many games you have played in or will play in during your life, this moment is a once in a lifetime experience.

And if you saw the game or heard about it, you know that none of those players left anything on the field last night.

“Where do you want to be?” “What do you want to be doing?” “How do you want people to know and remember you?” “Is your life fulfilling? Or are you just going through the motions?” “How do you want this day to be?”


Very thankfully I have spent most of my life playing music, which is what I love the most. Right or wrong, it has always seemed to me that I am supposed to be playing music. And so I have.

As time has gone on, the music has turned into ministry. My whole life has turned into something that I never imagined.

And though I have admittedly been busy fighting with my own inner demons lately, I can see that this is just a place for me to rest.

Isn’t it amazing though to think that wherever you are and whatever you are doing, and no matter what stage of life you are in, you are only going to get to do this moment this once?

It makes me think of the phrase, “This too shall pass.”

Yes it shall. Good or bad, it is going to pass. But also we must remember that this passing moment is a once in a lifetime experience.

You matter. There is a reason and a purpose for your life. There are no mistakes in this Universe.

Let’s try and make today count!

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