You Got A Lot To Give!

Kyle Shiver

Kyle Shiver

I used to think that I had nothing to give. There have actually been times in my life when I saw my talents as a curse. When it gets tough and money is short, and you are tired of the day to day “just trying to get by”, everything can seem like a curse. People clap and tell you how wonderful you are, but your electric bill is due and you don’t have the money to pay it. Been there, done that! So remember here that I speak from experience.

Under these circumstances it was easy for me to not give. How could I? I was just barely getting by, and I sure didn’t see any possibility of sharing a wealth that wasn’t there. Fortunately, I found out that this was all just some story that I’d made up in my mind and was now living out. I learned the hard way that I did have something to give, and that by not giving it, I was not involved in the “Universal Flow”.

The Universe operates on laws that are set and never change. Everything is a give and take, and this means that if you don’t give, you cannot receive! Every great teacher has told us this, and when finally I’d had enough of lack in my life, I took a chance. I took a leap of faith. Why not? It wasn’t like things could get any worse for me. It wasn’t like everyone couldn’t see that things were bad. It was embarrassing to have to borrow money, to not have money to go places with people, and so I decided to listen to others. They told me “You gotta give!”

Money does matter! The teacher/author Edwene Gaines says “If you can’t see it on the outside, then it isn’t on the inside!” and I truly believe that. My world is simply a reflection of what is on the inside. So check this out; I began to give a little here and there, and the craziest thing happened to me. It felt good to give! You can see where this goes from here. I felt good when I gave something. It isn’t always money that you give. You can give your time, you can help people in any way, or you can donate a little money. But in giving, I began to feel better about myself. The more I gave the better I felt. After a while, I began to notice that I had changed. By taking simple actions, small actions, I was feeling better about myself. In no time at all new people and new opportunities began to appear around me. It isn’t like “Well I tithed $10 last week, so where is my million bucks?” It has been a process for me and it still is. I have come to clearly understand though that for me to give, is actually me getting. “To give IS TO receive”. This is in fact a Universal Law and it is 100% fact, and it cannot let you down.

Lots of people think that tithing means that you commit to giving money to your church every week, but this doesn’t have to be the case at all. You can help out wherever you want! There are many organizations that need help, you have friends that need your help, there are opportunities galore. Another thing Edwene Gaines says is “Tithe where you are spiritually fed”. It could be anyone anywhere.

I have written a lot about manifesting lately, and so this topic had to come up. It is simple; if you want to get, you must give. If you don’t give, it is impossible for you to get, or to manifest anything. The most important key in manifesting or creating or getting, is your giving. You have a lot to give! Somebody needs you and you can help!

Try it out and let me know how it goes! Many blessings to you, Kyle

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