You Did What???


1507897_611893802193481_994967802_nThe other night in conversation with a friend, she was telling me about a situation in which, “I wasn’t as good as I would have liked to have been.”

It seems that she had “totally lost it” on someone.

I have no doubt that the poor soul she “lost it” on, had it coming. But the fact is that when we “lose it”, we do not feel good.

To “lose it” means that I have a great disturbance inside, which belongs to me.

But it happens.

Sometimes we are presented with situations that are too much for us to handle. Typically when this happens to me, I hear myself saying, “This is out of my league!”

When we are entering a situation that we know might be tricky, we can be on guard and prepare ourselves for it.

Other times unexpected things just happen and there is no prep time.

But in either case, you know the drill around here. When I am disturbed, I am disturbed. It cannot be the other person.

I am not always as good as I’d like to be either. It has been quite some time since I have “lost it” on someone, but trust me, it could still happen.

And the only way through it is to look within.

Also please remember that this is how we grow. That disturbance is telling us something, pointing at something. That disturbance is the Universe attempting communication with us.

So in some strange way, we actually need the disturbance.

But wait a minute…. you did what???

Have a good sense of humor towards yourself. Don’t take things so seriously. Brush off and keep it moving forward!

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