You Can Re-Direct Your Mind!

Kyle at Unity Village August 2016

Kyle at Unity Village August 2016

It is fascinating how we can re-direct our minds.

Doctor’s are now using virtual reality games on wounded soldiers. And it helps to take their minds off of their injuries and their pain.

If it can work on wounded soldiers, it should work on any problem that I may have. Often the things that can trouble me the worst are really not all that bad, or they are things that I have absolutely no control over.

It is a very simple idea. Just simply direct your mind away from whatever is troubling you. Your bills, the recent election, your relationship, whatever it is.

And you will find that you can do it.

You can go see a friend, go see a movie, read a book, work in the yard, crochet, exercise, whatever you want, as long as you get involved in it.

The trick is getting involved in something else.

I read myself to sleep pretty much every night. If the book I am reading isn’t interesting to me, I just get another one.

But listening to music is probably the, “tool” that I use most.

I used to dislike cutting grass until I started listening to music while I worked. Then cutting grass was great!

There was a time when I was what you could call a, “frustrated driver.” But when I began to make sure to put on some music when getting in the car, suddenly I became a happy driver.

Didn’t even notice that any other cars were on the road.

Lately I’ve been listening to live recordings of my favorite current band. (Tedeschi Trucks Band) 

The technology that we have these days is just too much. There are just thousands upon thousands of live shows on the internet, and that is what I enjoy most. (

All I have to do is just turn on some music and sit back and enjoy. Take time to do nothing else. I am listening. Period.

And the next thing ya know, I am transported to another place.

This is a most important tool to be aware of, because we are taught that, “Thoughts held in mind, produce after their kind.”

Meaning that holding that worry or fear or anger in mind is simply going to produce more worry, fear, and anger.

But this means that we can hold other thoughts in mind. We can re-direct the mind onto something else that we love and enjoy, and that makes us feel good.


I’m going to listen to some music now!

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