You Are Plenty Good Enough


It has been a while since the last blog. Actually this is the first one of 2020! (So, “Happy New Year!”)

My path has led me into trying different things, and saying, “yes” to different opportunities, and just opening up to Spirit in new ways. Meanwhile, maintaining all the things that were already in my life.

Often I’d like to wait until a certain thing gets taken care of, until I finish grieving my mother, until I can have the surgery to repair my eyes, … you know

“Once I get that, or once this happens, then everything will be okay. Then things will be full steam ahead.”

And so perhaps at some point in the future, I will be okay.

But not now.


As we know, this is living in the future. It is living in the, “what if.” It is saying that we are not okay now, but we will be, once certain conditions are in line.

But the problem with this is that it is perpetuating. Once conditions do meet our ideal, there will suddenly appear more issues. And we are right back in the same situation where everything is not okay now, but it will be.

And so this all becomes, “I have to learn to be okay right now, just as things are.” 

It is not easy to embrace a physical issue that cannot be easily resolved right now, or maybe ever. It is not easy to be in grief. It is not easy to be under a financial strain.

But I watch people do it all the time. Or try to do it. And these people inspire me and help me to embrace my own situation, just as it is right now. These people help me to remember that what is going on with me is probably not big enough to make CNN.

When we are living in the, “now,” with what is right now, just the way things are, then we can get/live in the solution!

Life is flowing. You are flowing. Ever changing. Evolving. Growing and expanding.

But we must learn to work from, “HERE,” not, “THERE.”

So let us say to ourselves, “Everything in my life is okay right now just like it is.” “I am okay right now, just the way I am.”

And let us do the best we can, which is plenty good enough!

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