You Are My “Guru”

Kyle with Swami Kenananda

Kyle with Swami Kenananda

People sometimes ask me “who is your guru?” or they assume that my guru is Paramahansa Yogananda or OSHO, or my brother Swami Ken.(Because these are the folks that I quote or speak of most often)

The truth is that I have no one specific guru. The truth is that I receive from many different “way-showers”. Besides the above mentioned, there is Don Miguel Ruiz, Roy Eugene Davis, Swami Kriyananda, Charles Fillmore, Earnest Holmes, and Deepak Chopra. (there are many many more)

Then there are many “way-showers” who are a part of my life. The people I am closest to are to be counted, but in reality, if you are in my life, you are my guru. This is because I take the lessons and the scriptures very closely to my heart.

The most important and most beneficial lesson is that you are a reflection of me. Everything is a reflection of me.

I invite you to begin deepening this spiritual understanding by playing a game! The game of course, is to spend time imagining that everything and everyone you see, is YOU. Your home, where you work, all the people around you, EVERYTHING is a reflection of the inner self.

We are all having a different life experience. Some of us experience the “guru”, while some of us do not. Some of us experience the angels, while some do not. Some of us experience one religion, while others of us experience something different. For me, the outer world is a reflection of my inner world. Thus, anyone I see can only be me. And I can only be them.

If you practice this exercise, the main thing that it does is that it begins to remove you from victim consciousness. It rearranges things so that I cannot say things like, “You made me mad!” or “You are really uptight!” If you are a reflection of me, it causes me to look at myself and see in myself what I am seeing in you. This is a good thing!

kyle_ssi_003Kyle Shiver is a Spiritual Healer and counselor currently living in Savannah Georgia. If you’d like Spiritual Healing, Reiki or energy healing, or just to talk with somebody who can help, call 912-495-8520 or e-mail

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Stella says:

Kyle, synchronicity! You just reflected back to me what I have been reading and absorbing in the past three weeks. Thank you! I am so looking forward to your annual visit to Greenville.

kyle says:

My dear Stella!!! Thank you for your message, and oops I better call James and schedule that visit!

dale says:

Kyle, you are my guru! Does this mean that I am my own guru because I see that as you? Wow, talk about a hall of mirrors….

kyle says:

The Guru is the ONE. Swami showed me some new tricks that I didn’t tell you about yet…. just wait!

kyle says:

Okay, that is funny. But the answer is “yes”.