You Are Me


220px-Religious_symbols-4x4.svgMany times I heard this idea that “We always meet ourselves”. I also heard many times that “When we resent someone, it is because they remind us of ourselves”. Truth be told, I just didn’t get it. I used to be a particularly resentful person, and I definitely couldn’t see myself in the people I resented. As a matter of fact, I resented when someone suggested this idea that my resentment towards a person stemmed from the fact that they reminded me of myself. A tangled web we weave, but it is time to stop separating, and begin to realize that we are all one. We really are.

The simple fact is that “Separation is ego”. The ego may show up in the form of resentment, it may show up in the form of insecurity or envy, it can show up in a thousand different ways. No matter what form it takes, you can always spot the ego, as soon as you see separation happening in the mind. This is ego.

You will also begin to see that all forms of separation are misery. The ego is misery. You may feel above or beneath another person, but you are miserable in either case. The moment you go beneath the surface, you will see what is underneath, and this is meditation. We have to become aware of the roots, of what is underneath our surface.

So I say to you “We really are all one.” We are each a part of the other, we are all connected. We are all people. We are all brothers and sisters, no matter where we are from, what religion we practice. Many of us are not aware of this, but for you, it is time.

I don’t ask that you stop separating yourself, I ask that you watch yourself separate. See it, watch it, and come to understand how and why the ego works this way. Get to know the truth, identify the ego when you see it, and soon you will begin to change naturally. The greatest effort, the best thing you can do, is watch.

Many blessings and remember, YOU ARE ME!




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