Working With the Law of the Universe


The Law’s of “Attraction” and “Cause and Effect” are just as sure and true as the Law of Gravity. Life is all about observing these Laws and figuring out how to work with them instead of against them.

Back in 1994 when it was decided once and for all that I’d pursue life as a musician, it seemed impossible.

I needed a cd of my songs, and wasn’t making much money at the time, so the plan had to be a very creative one.

An acquaintance owned a recording studio and he invited me to stop in and check the place out, so I did.

It wasn’t a great plan, but it was the best I could come up with at the time. Every month I would go to the studio with my guitar, and just play a song and record it. Then at the end of ten-twelve months, I would figure out what to do next and where to get the money to press cd’s from.

I decided fully within myself that this was my plan, and in doing so, activated the Universal Laws. I was “all in.”

Soon an angel appeared.

It was someone that I hadn’t seen or heard from in a while and so I just stopped in to see how he was doing. As it turned out, he was at a pretty low point in life, having within that last year, lost both his parents.

We talked, we played music together, and I told him all about my plans. Then off I went back to Atlanta, promising to stay in touch and keep him “in the loop”.

The next day I booked the first studio session for the next week, and called my friend to let him know, as I’d promised to do.

And this was when things changed.

He told me that he had some money that his parents had left him, and that he was going to pay to record my cd right now, and also to get me a thousand copies made. When I asked what he would want in return or how I he would want me to pay him back, he said, “I just want to see the smile on your face.”

And if you want stories, I’ve got a million of them. (though this is one of my favorites.)

But the key to this story is not the story, it is the conviction, the decision, and the plan I made and intended on carrying out, no matter what. In doing these things, the Universal Laws were activated.

It doesn’t always happen so quickly. It doesn’t always happen so easily. It never seems possible.

But it is possible.

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