Why “Mind Control”?



Kyle Shiver INHA

Kyle Shiver INHA

Our thoughts create our feelings or emotions. These feelings and emotions effect us mentally and physically, and do in fact, create the world around us.

If you are not mindful, in a state of Presence and awareness, then chances are that you do not control your mind. You have possibly read or heard the statement “If you don’t have control of your mind, your mind will control you”, but what does this mean exactly?

Racing thoughts or busy mind, not being able to sleep at night because you can’t shut your mind off, daydreaming or drifting off, troubled relationships with self and others, repeated failure with the new diet, or with the new exercise routine, or with attempts to better yourself, forgetfulness, these are all symptoms that you are being controlled by your mind. I would hesitate to say that I have ever met anyone who had 100%, mind control, but I will say that mind control is the key to success, to happiness, to being able to move forward and to progress in life.

How about if we turn the above paragraph around? A person who has control over the mind has no racing thoughts or busy mind, can sleep restfully at night, has very harmonious relations with self and others, succeeds when attempting to add new and healthy routines to better themselves, and is not very forgetful.

This is why meditation is so helpful. In meditation we discover our true being. We become present, we take control of the mind. Some people hold to the belief that the mind cannot be controlled, but I beg to differ. If you cannot control your mind then you would have to agree that you are mentally not in control. If you are not mentally in control, then you are not emotional in control. If you are mentally and emotionally out of control, you are just out of control.

I can personally attest to these facts, because there was a time when I had very little to no control over my mind. I was as a result, an emotional wreck. Sometimes I lost control of myself and my mouth and my actions got me into trouble. Life was difficult for me, it was anything but pleasant. It was more like an endurance test. Today my life is a pleasant float down stream! My life does have challenges, but I enjoy them. All of the major changes that have happened in my life have been the result of this initial action: I learned to control my mind.

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Many blessings!

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