Why All the Gratitude?


World Gratitude DayI sat straight up in bed.

“Recognition is a form of praise. Description is a form of praise. Even to describe what we do not like magnifies its importance and spreads out its impacts. “Let none of you imagine evil,” said Zachariah, the Old Testament prophet. He gathered all imaginings against ourselves and our fellow beings under one heading and warned humanity to speak only Truth to our neighbor.” 

This is from a book by Ruth L. Miller called “Unveiling Your Hidden Power” and this is one amazing book. The Reverend Dale Worley suggested it to me several times, and so I got a copy recently, and have carried it with me everywhere for the past week.

This short paragraph tells us why it is so important to develop an “attitude of gratitude”. It tells us why half the people on Facebook are listing things that they are grateful for every day.

It tells us that what we say is going to grow.

This is no doubt the most difficult thing for many of us. I can rattle off a gratitude list with the best of them, and follow it up with a, “but I have no idea where the money is going to come from next month”.

“Sure, this is good and that is good, and everything is great, but let me tell you what I’m worried about…”

And I have to tell you that this is why it is so important to surround myself with people who are practicing a spiritual program of some sort and trying to grow. This is why we need each other.

The people around me help me to keep my focus on the good. Keeping my focus more and more on what I am grateful for, and praising everything and everyone, causes all that stuff to grow!

Are you serious enough about this to listen to yourself?

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