Whole Foods in Savannah!


IMG_2380There are a lot of people asking “What’s the big deal?” about the new Whole Foods store, that opened in Savannah today. Honestly, I see this as a very big deal. The United States tops the charts in sickness and disease, and tops the charts in obesity too. Much of the sickness and disease comes from the tainted “food” that we eat. As for obesity, I won’t blame food on that, but will say that tainted food, and “substitutes” don’t help this matter at all. The food that we eat, actually becomes our bodies, and it has a great effect on us mentally too.

I will too, commend the local Kroger and Publix stores. Heather and I have been here in Savannah since 2002, and in that time, we have seen their organic product sections increase drastically. And we support this too. When I walk into a grocery store, I want real food that is good for me, and in this information age, it is simple to find out about what we are eating. Also, I don’t want to forget our beloved Brighter Day! Who could make it without Brighter Day?

IMG_2374About the store, it is very impressive. There were people jammed in the parking lot and I felt lucky to find a space out back. I was greeted at the front door by sunflowers, and upon entering, it was like “Food Heaven”. I ran into several people I know, saw some good prices and some that were too high, and got a little overwhelmed at the selections and the spectacle of it all. Pizza’s, sandwich deli, the pastries, the grains, granola, and trail mixes…. wow! The coffee selection was very much to my liking! (I am an avid fan of coffee, especially coffee from Central America) I decided on my typical “Green Machine” juice(which was on sale), a bag of Perc coffee beans, and had a sandwich with spinach, hummus, cucumbers, tomatoes, and black olives made for me. Of course on the way out I decided to grab a coffee to go, and the Guatemalan beans didn’t let me down. This coffee to go did cost me about 20 minutes of waiting in line at the coffee/juice bar. (Yes JUICE BAR!!!)

IMG_2377This store coming to Savannah signals to me a raising of our consciousness and awareness. This store is going to be very successful, and I hope that the other stores will get the picture and follow suite. They have sold us sickness and disease, disguised as food, for long enough!!!

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