Which Way Do I Go?


Kyle at Spiritual Living Center of Charlotte– Life can be confusing
– I must wear the same mask wherever I go
– Using “good judgment” doesn’t mean that I am being “judgmental”
– If you want to see me, I am right here!

In the last few years, I have more and more found myself in situations that vary greatly from one another. For instance, I might find myself playing very loudly with my band in a bar, while people are drinking heavily,(and lord knows what else they are taking) dancing, and basically letting it all hang out. The next day I may find myself playing the exact same music in the middle of a Spiritual church service, where people are very much seeking to improve their lives. Another day I might find myself giving Spiritual council, leading a guided meditation, or working with healing singing bowls, only to find myself that night sitting in a stinky bar playing my screaming cigar box guitar to those who are… seeking to damage themselves. Then the next morning, I find myself sitting on a pillow, playing music for a Yoga class.

Mentally, this has been a challenge for me. People who are close to me know about “Swami Kyle” and “Georgia Kyle”. This is how I joke about it, but this is in essence how it feels to me. It’s like night and day, going from one situation to another, but as more than one person has said to me; “It’s all one thing!” As the time has passed, this has become most clear to me, and I have come to understand that there is no “Swami Kyle” and there is no “Georgia Kyle”. No matter what type of environment I’m in, no matter if I’m playing music or leading a meditation, it is just me; “Kyle”. I must be me, I must be true to myself, I must wear the same mask wherever I go. 

I want to make clear that I do not judge anyone poorly. There was a time when you could find me in a bar, on any given night, letting it all hang out. If anyone knows that way of life, it is me. However, since I have decided to follow a Spiritual path in my life, I’d be lying if I said that I enjoy being in a destructive environment. The environment that I used to thrive in was negative, destructive, and dark. Following a Spiritual path means that I want to be positive, constructive, and full of light. So without being judgmental of other people, my good judgment can easily tell good from bad, constructive from destructive, and light from dark. I make my decisions accordingly to what I want in my life, without passing judgment on anyone else. After all, it is me who is responsible for me, and you are responsible for you. Lets not get that simple fact mixed up. 

So I have decided to continue on the Spiritual path, by adding more Yoga classes to my schedule, adding more church gigs to my schedule, adding more meditations to my schedule, continuing my studies in Holistic Health Care, and this year I will see more clients than last year. I will help to transform more people’s lives this year. Reiki energy healing, sound healing, life coaching, I will continue to expand all these good, constructive, and light-filled things in my life. I offer free consultation to anyone. Insurance company’s do not yet recognize people like me as of yet, and so I am more than willing to work with you financially if need be. Some of my clients even barter services with me, and this has been great! So far I have been able to help people to greatly reduce migraine problems, reduce stress and anxiety and high blood pressure. I have helped people with anger management, and I have also been able to help assist people in finding direction and purpose in their lives. It is for me to let you know that I am here for you! Call any time 912-495-8520 or e-mail kyle@thespiritcenter.us

and as for me; “Wherever I go, God is, and all is well!”

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