Where Is Heaven?



Kyle Shiver INHA

Kyle Shiver INHA

I think that our lives are so abundant, that we can become blinded. I used to be a very unhappy, ungrateful person, and I took everything for granted. I even took life its self for granted, and it took nothing less than a miracle to change my life around. The Course In Miracles teacher/author Marianne Williamson says “A miracle is simply a change in perception” and that is no doubt what happened to me. One day I realized that it is nearly impossible to be grateful for something that I have always had. However, this is the key to enlightenment, to living in Heaven right here and now. A change in perception.

You see, I had always had a body. I had always had my eyes and ears, and my body functioned properly. There had always been lots of other people around, lots of trees, the sky, the sun and the moon. I had always been alive and the world had always been around me, and it was all so normal, that I didn’t ever even notice.
When I began to study Spirituality in earnest, the quote from Jesus, “Behold, the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”, nearly drove me crazy. Every Spiritual teacher says this very same thing in their own way, but the way Jesus said it was like a punch in the face to me. This quote says “You are in Heaven right now!” It leaves me with no other excuse, but that it was me who could not see. I knew that it was true; I was standing in Heaven, but I could not see it or feel it. The miracle, or shift in perception that began to happen to me, was that I began to be grateful for things that I had always had, but had never noticed. One day I found myself sitting in a doctor’s office reading a book that had been sitting on the table, and the author was explaining the greatness and complexity of the human eye. This was exactly what I needed to push me into this change in perception, to allow me to begin to experience Heaven right here and now, right where I am, at any time. It is all SO ALIVE. Everything is so alive, and everything is such a phenomenon, that it cannot be described. You have to see it for yourself.
Begin to meditate on the body, on the organs, the eyes and ears and nose. This is where the shift in perception happens. Become grateful for what you already have! Scientists and doctors can work on the body, they can help a body to heal, but they sure can’t make a body. If you seek, you will find. What you are looking for is a miracle. A shift in your perception.

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kyle says:

Brother Mike! Thank you for reading, and for your comments. I am blessed to hear about spiritual awakenings from many different people, and it is always interesting to hear about the pivotal moment. For me, it was reading about the human eye ball, for some people it is nature, it could be anything really. Meditation and contemplation on the body is what seems to allow me to see. One of my favorite teachers named OSHO, says “You wake up in the morning, put on the coffee, walk down the hall to pee and brush your teeth, and you have already missed it.” Celebrate LIFE!

Mike says:

I was wondering what you were going to say here Kyle. We ARE in the present, here and now! I have read the Bible for years and always wondered about when in many places old and new testament they talked about “the day is at hand”, & the “end is near”. I started thinking maybe the “end” (which IS only a beginning) or “the day” was the specific day for each of us, when we pass from this life to the “beyond”. At that day we, each, individually, will behold heaven in all its “glory”. It is given a man “once to die, and then the judgement”, can’t be overlooked either, Jesus IS however THE KEY to it all!