When to Say “No!”


This is a topic that we have addressed before but it is also a continuing subject that comes up in my life.

We live in a fast world and it gets faster every day. There is so much instant communication, and thus, so many more opportunities than we may have had in the past.

We want to do this and we want to do that, and hold on a minute, “I just need to check this text.”

Soon we have over-scheduled ourselves. We have said “yes” so many times that there is no possibility of following through with half of the things we have agreed to do.

Things get done “half-way”, people get neglected, and then we become tired and cranky. Other people understandably get frustrated with us.

“Does this ever end?”

The answer to that question is, “Only when you stop it!”

I had to learn how to say, “That sounds like a great idea, but I cannot commit to it right now.” After all, how many things can one person really be committed to? How much time is there in a day?

When I am somewhere, I prefer to be able to be my best. I don’t want to do things half-way. Also, I don’t want to say that I will do something and then not do it.

If you are feeling as if you may be spread a little too thin, here are some things to consider;

– Make a list of all your commitments 

– Prioritize (When we are overly busy, it is impossible to take good car of ourselves) 

– Make some decisions and some changes about how you are spending your time. Drop some commitments if necessary and make sure to communicate this with those involved. 

– And above all, please make sure to take some time for YOU. When making a schedule, include a nice walk in the park, a movie, something “unplugged” and relaxing and fun that has nothing to do with work. 

It actually feels good to let some things go. It actually is okay to watch a show or listen to some music and just be “off.” But still I have to keep an eye on myself.

One thing for sure is that it is easy to tell when I get out of balance.

Let’s get back to our center!



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