When Things Are Out of Order


IMG_1595I find it hilarious that myself and most of the people I am closest to, tend to shy away from order or discipline.

Meanwhile, (and I cannot speak for anyone but myself) every time there is an issue in my life, it seems to be because things are, “out of order.”

But lately it has been coming at me from every angle. Psychiatrists, leading neurologists, doctors of every sort, and spiritual teachers such as Charles Fillmore and Roy Davis, all say that things work better when there is order.

For me, a self-employed musician, the only thing that is regular is that things are not regular.

When you work at a different time every day and your schedule is different every day, there is simply no way to eat, go to bed, wake up, and meditate at the same time every day. And so I find myself constantly trying to instill as much order as possible.

For instance, I am one who likes to pray and meditate before bed, so no matter where I am or what time it is, this has to happen.

I am also working on thinking about order and discipline as “harmony.”

Maybe because I am a musician, that word is easier to take and also for me to understand.

What is out of order? What is out of line? Where do I need more discipline? What would bring more harmony to my life?

As we work on ourselves and strive to practice Spiritual Principles and to grow, these are questions that all of us have to ask ourselves.

We want calmness, sureness, serenity, and strength, and it seems that all of these things are a direct result not of dis-order, but of order.


So wherever our trouble spots are, let us ask ourselves; “How can I bring harmony to this situation?” “What is out of order and what can I do to bring order here?”

One thing that is quite clear is that this is a life-long process. There are always going to be challenges. There are always going to be things we need to work on to better ourselves. There will always be, “room to grow.”

Instead of beating ourselves up, maybe we can be grateful for this opportunity to grow. Maybe we can simply strive to add more order or harmony to our lives every day.

That is what I do!

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