When It All Goes Out the Window


My friend Tony tells me that, “Life is like one of those water wheels. Sometimes you are at the top and everything is just fine, and sometimes you are on bottom and under water.”

And lately I have been under the water.

The funny thing about the human mind is that while on one hand, it will not stay in the moment, on the other hand, the mind thinks that whatever we are feeling at any given moment is going to last forever.

We use the phrase, “This too shall pass.” We also tell people not to use a, “permanent solution on a temporary problem.”

We also move into a place of awareness.

Knowing that whatever we are feeling or experiencing right now, be it, “good” or, “bad,” we don’t have to be so effected by it either way. We are the, “observer.”

But sometimes it just all goes out the window.

And when it all goes out the window, we need our friends. They can listen to us and talk with us and remind us of all the afore-mentioned truths.

And they can sometimes get our minds off of ourselves and what is going on in our lives and on to something else. Sometimes a good joke can work wonders.

Speaking of jokes, here’s one and you can answer in the comments: What do you do when an elephant sits on your bed?

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