When Change Happens




Kyle Shiver INHA

Kyle Shiver INHA

-We have today, what we can handle today
– How can do a better job with my current situation?
– When I can handle it, I will have it
– Meditation is like a “time out” from life.
– Calmly welcome change with a smile and open

The Universe has shown me so many times that my life is the way it is, because I am not ready for change, or for things to be different. My life is the way that it is because I am the way that I am, because of where I am Spiritually.

My Spiritual Advisor said to me once “I doubt you’d still be alive if you had gotten all those things that you wanted.” He was right on target. I see that the Universe allows us to learn our lessons, while at the same time protecting us from ourselves. We progress along and most of us get burned just enough to move forward. In other words, we get what we need, we get what we can handle. What we have today is what we can handle today. How can God/the Universe give us what we are not equipped to handle? Am I asking for more, when in reality I’m not doing well with what I already have? Yes. Anytime I find myself asking for or wanting more, there are things that I am not handling well right now in the current situation. If I place my focus on doing a better job with what I already have, then things change. But when things change, I must be able to handle it.

Have you ever wished for more work or money or love, and then when it appears, you melt down? Many people that I speak with experience this. It appears as if life is either on or off, and when things come, they seem to come fast. (When it rains, it pours). However, in all honesty, it doesn’t take much for me to shift in to worry and fear and stress. If I’m not careful, any little thing can set me off.

Sometimes I ask myself the question; “What can I do to prove to the Universe, to show that I can handle what it is that I am asking for?” The answer is always for me to do a better job with what I already have. Maybe I need to deal with an outstanding bill that I do not want to face, maybe I need to mend relations with someone, and I don’t want to, or maybe I need to be more responsible with something that I’d really rather not be responsible for. The good news here is that when I can handle it, I will have it! Remember that the Universe does not give us things that we cannot handle.

Meditation has saved me! Taking time every day to just let it all go, shake off the day and all my thoughts and concerns. It is like a “time out” from everything, and I look forward to this time every day. Meditation helps me to get out of wanting and wishing, and helps me to focus more on right now today, and what I need to do in order to handle today better.

1) What is it that I want?
2) Do I exhibit behavior that shows that I could handle getting what I’m asking for?
3) How can I do a better job with what I already have, the way my life is right now?
4) When change does come, I will calmly welcome it with open arms.

Many blessings,

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