What’s the Best Gift You’ve Ever Gotten?


kyle 6 sunflowerToday on my Facebook feed I came across an article from NPR, that was about the question “What was the best gift you’ve ever gotten?”

Gifts that I’ve received over the years flashed through my mind, and there have been some big one’s in my case. People have given me gifts that I don’t think most people would believe, everything from luxurious vacations, to a place to sleep when I was just roaming around the country with my guitar in my old trusty Toyota. (Which I’m sure is still out there transporting someone to where they need to be)

When I think about all the gifts I’ve received over the years, I see some small, some big, some expensive and some not so expensive. Some people went out of their way, while some people were cleaning out their closet and thought, “I bet Kyle would like this!” In each and every case, I see that it wasn’t the gift or the item that was so important, as what was behind the gift; Someone thought of me. Someone included me. When you give something, no matter what it may be, it is a way of saying “Hey! You are a part of my life!”. It is this attention, this acknowledgement, that is the real gift.

I shifted in my chair and immediately thought “Wow! The best gifts I’ve ever gotten were not material things.” My family, my wife and daughter, those are the best gifts I’ve ever gotten. I am grateful that my parents are still with us, and of course I am grateful every day I get to spend with my beautiful wife and daughter. We have it good. We live the good life. But even when times were tough, we’ve always had each other.

Kyle Shiver is a husband and father, an inspirational speaker, meditation guide, and musician. (Among other things). His new audio cd of guided meditations “Vibrations of the Heart” is now available HERE.


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