Whatever Works


“Meditate the way that provides the best results.” Roy Eugene Davis

People sometimes seem puzzled when they attend one of my meditation workshops, because I don’t push any particular brand of meditation.

Paramahansa Yogananda was an advocate for Kriya Yoga meditation.

My friend Swami Ken is into keeping the focus on the “third eye.” (forehead between the brows)

OSHO had all kinds of meditations, and seemed to prefer movement such as spinning and dancing.

There is TM, which consists of repeating a mantra. There are different guided meditations, there is lots of “meditation music”, people use nature sounds, and even recordings of drumming, some people stare at a spot of the wall or a candle flame, and some people just focus on the breath.

The truth is that it doesn’t matter how you achieve focus and quieting the mind.

All of these different meditation techniques are meant to help us achieve just that; the ability to focus our attention and to quiet the mind.

Some people meditate for an hour every day. Some people go to meditation retreats for different lengths of time. Some people meditate for twenty minutes twice a day. Some people meditate three times a week.

The idea is to find a discipline that works for you. The idea is to have a meditation practice of some sort that brings benefit to you.

I always suggest that people try different techniques until you find….. whatever works.

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