What You’ve Got Coming To You


Kyle Tree OM 2A few weeks ago in conversation with someone, I said, “You are going to get what you’ve got coming to you.”

Meaning the same thing that Jesus said, “Ye shall reap what ye sew.”

Yet sometimes we have trouble doing what we know is the right thing, because at the time, we cannot see how it will work in our favor.

Sometimes we will do something, and think that our return is going to come in a certain way. And this can throw us off the beam pretty quickly.

There were years when I kept saying, “I’ve done this and that and I’ve given so much, and so where is mine???”

It took a while for me to figure out that I really hadn’t done all that much, gone too far out of my way, or given all that much.

And it hurt to find out that what I had done, when I had gone out of my way, when I had given, I had done so while expecting something in return.


Oh boy…

The illusion was that I could make the rules. “If I do this, then I want that.” or “If I do that, then I should get this.”

Scheming and trying to make deals with the Universe got me nowhere.

The day came though, when I was just grateful that when someone asked for help, I had help to offer.

And that was when things in my life began to shift drastically.

God, or the Universe if you prefer, doesn’t owe me anything at all.

I am not alive so that God,  or the Universe can be my servant.

I could very easily not be here. I could very easily not have what I have. The more I think about that, the more I am just glad to be here.

Things are truly perfect. Nothing needs to be better. I don’t need more of anything right this particular moment.

I don’t try to make deals with God and the Universe so much anymore. My job is my job. I’ve got certain responsibilities and it is my job to do my best. It is my job to help when asked. It’s my job to give.

And all I need to worry about is doing my job.

How things come back to us is up to God, and/or the Universe. How could I even think that out of the billions of possibilities, that I could know what would be best for me?

The Universe works in a certain way, and the way it works is

You are going to get what you’ve got coming to you.

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