What You Know, Already Is


IMG_2569Cutting to the chase, if you are using positive affirmations or tying positive thinking, then we already know that you don’t believe what you are saying.

Someone who believe’s that they are worthy of success does not go around repeating, “I am worthy of success, I am worthy of success…” there is no point in this.

I have red hair, and the subject almost never comes up, and there is no reason for it to come up. I know I have red hair and there is no need to convince anyone or myself of this. Therefore there is no need to walk around affirming, “I have red hair, I have red hair”.

With affirmations, we are trying to convince ourselves. We are trying to change our own minds. We reason, we talk to ourselves, we come to the full understanding that we already know how to “manifest”. We come to the understanding that it has been us who has made all the decisions. We have created our lives to be just the way they are.

The key lies in our deep inner knowing.

What you know to be true, you have created. So if we have created things or situations in our lives that we don’t like, we have to ask ourselves the question; “Why do I think that I am not worthy of success? happiness? healthy vibrant relationships?”

You know that you aren’t “good enough” or “worthy enough”, and that is why you haven’t created it. Somewhere inside of you is this deep sense, this deep knowing, that you for some reason just aren’t deserving, worthy, or capable. And it is our own “inner knowing” that either pushes us forward, or holds us back in life. It isn’t circumstances, or other people, or what someone said or did. In fact, nobody can do anything against you or take anything from you or get anything that you are supposed to get. That is impossible.

This isn’t a “maybe if you are lucky” kind of idea. This is Universal Law and there is no other possibility. What you know, you know, and what you know, already is. 

So the obvious thing that we need to know is, “Why do I feel like I am not worthy?” “Why do I feel that this is impossible and could never happen in my life?”

It isn’t my mind that you have to change, it is yours. This is what affirmations do for us. They lead us in to changing our own minds, our own deep inner knowing, and ultimately, our lives. Affirmations lead us to question ourselves. We want to be very clear about not what we think, not what we believe, but very clear about what we know.

I have a very deep inner knowing that the Universe created you specifically as you are. I have a deep inner knowing that you are of the highest good, that you are absolute Divine Perfection. I have a deep inner knowing that all the answers are within you and easily accessible. Once you understand fully that you have created your life to be the way it is, you immediately understand that if this is so, YOU CAN CREATE SOMETHING DIFFERENT!  God is all that You are. You are all that God is. God is good, you are good. I have such a deep unquestionable knowing about you, because I can see your light with my own eyes. I can sense it without effort of any kind. You don’t have to go and get it, or do anything to get it. All you have to do is to know, as I know, that you already are it. God is All and All is God. I see God in all things, animals, and people. I see God in my self, and I see God in you. Know that you are the blessing.

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Jacquie Fajans says:

Just the other day I had this thought,about this very same topic..And you are so right on……………..Amazing our souls are so atuned…….And I know this to be true,