What We Have In Common


IMG_2375I see it all the time.

The democrat’s point at the republican’s who are pointing back at the democrat’s. The Baptists point at the catholics who point at the Methodists who are pointing at the Presbyterians.

We divide up in to groups, or as I like to call them, “pods”. Once we join a pod, the finger-pointing can begin. We are right in our ways, and the other pod’s are wrong. Maybe we like some pod’s more than other’s but in the end, if you aren’t on my pod, you aren’t on my pod. You are different.

As a very small child I saw this. I saw it at church. I saw it on the nightly news. I saw it in the school yard. Today I see it in all the same old places, and even more so now with the aid of social media.

We as humans have an innate need to be right. The only way we can establish this “rightness” is of course, to have someone or some other pod that is “wrongness”.

“Are people really this stupid?” This is a question I’ve asked myself ever since I can remember.

The answer is “Yes.”

I think that this is why I never wanted to be a person. I saw that by asking my question, I was yet again, placing myself into a position, even if I was the only person on my “pod”.

There is no escape.

But maybe there is.
I stopped pointing fingers. Nobody is right or wrong anymore. To me, you are perfectly exactly what and where you are supposed to be. I have eliminated the idea that we are on separate pods. (Except of course, when the Georgia Bulldogs are playing)

I have no need to protest, to point out atrocity’s, to point out everything that you don’t do “right”. I have no need to change you or stop you, or to try to convince you of anything.

The only thing I have a need to do is to take responsibility for my self.

There is no time to point out and tell the world the error of your ways because I am busy being a part of what I see is the solution.

I am blessed to see that all people are one. I see “Oneness”. We are all spiritual beings that are having a human experience. I see beyond the separation that we seem to so desperately need.

Whatever pod you are on, I’m on your pod. It doesn’t matter if you see the big pod or not. It is called “Human Being”.


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Jacquie Fajans says:

This is a great one ,and right on time for me. Thank You for sharing your wisdom.

kyle says:

Thank YOU Jacquie for reading and for your beautiful SPIRIT!