What We Are, “Trying to BE!”

At Center for Spiritual Awareness 2017

People are forever fascinating to me.

Technology and medicine, and the good works that people are doing all around the world, are just blow my mind.

Then there are people who seem to just sink. Often they act like they, “want” to sink, but we all know better by now.

Or at least I hope we do.

The key here is to know that everyone wishes for better.


And the thing about, “wanting” is that you can be wanting while on the bottom of the heap, but you can also be, “wanting” when you are at the top of the heap.

It is this, “wanting” that is so beautiful about us. It is what causes us to seek and search and imagine and experiment. It is what drives us to create and to improve the world and ourselves.

But it is also what we can use to drive ourselves into the ground.

Once I was talking with a friend and explaining this huge problem that I had to him. At some point he said, “Well look at it like this, as soon as you get this worked out, you will have another problem to deal with!”

At first I was a bit put-off by his statement, but then the realization of how true his words were really hit me. You deal with one problem, and another one arises. You get rid of one bad habit by taking on some other habit.

The realization was that I was constantly in a state of, “wanting.” It is so easy for us to look around at other people and they look like they have it all together. Everything is fine. They did life the way I should have.

Ever do that?

Then in the spiritual world there is all this talk about, “Live your dreams!” “Anything you can imagine, you can do!” Meanwhile they tell you to stop thinking about the future and live right now in this moment.

Yes. If you are upset it is because you are living in the past or the future.

At a certain point it can all get pretty confusing. There have been so many times when I had goals and intentions and was working so hard and diligently to bring them into reality, only to have things not work out the way I’d planned.

Then I would get frustrated. Someone would say, “You are trying too hard,” or, “Lower your expectations,” or, “You are living in the future.”

My mind would think, “What happened to, “If it is to be, it is up to me?” “If you want to move a mountain, you better get a shovel?” What happened to, “Expect the best?”


My message for myself and for you today is: We are all expanding and growing, no matter what we think or want. None of that matters because of what we are.

We are Love. We are SPIRIT. We are this thing that is indescribable that is constantly unfolding.

We may be addicted to cigarettes or alcohol or pills, we may be over weight, we may be gambling, we may be not making enough money, we may be suffering a loss, we may have more on our plates than it seems like we can handle, we may very well not be the way we think we should be.

Most of us aren’t.

Wherever you are, however you are, no matter your situation, it is changing. And it is changing for the better. It is growing, unfolding. It is a process. WE are a process that is happening no matter what we think or how we feel about it. No matter the condition or situation.

We are all moving towards our good. That is what we do. And that is what we will always be doing. So… our good is always, “over there.”

Get it?


All along.

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