What the Universe Wants


elephany kilimanjaroThe other day my lovely wife struck up a conversation about places in the world that we would like to visit.

We have a six year old princess daughter, so my first response was to think about places that she would enjoy. Where could we go that we would all enjoy?

We came up with several ideas and options, and then she said, “But where would you go?”

It must be really frustrating for her at times. As a matter of fact, I know that it is. This is simply because I already do what I love all the time.

So I don’t sit around a dream about being other places or doing something else. When everybody wants to go on vacation it can be hard to tear me away. (perhaps I’m always on vacation?)

Just this weekend I did two gigs, played at church, played for a Yoga class, and also did a meditation workshop. Also there is the constant writing every chance I get, and let’s not forget that I have clients, and also am pretty involved in starting a new church.(Haven’t mentioned that here, but will soon enough)

But after just a moment of reflection I told her that I’d go to the Elephant Nature Park in Thailand and volunteer to take care of the elephants there for a while.

Please don’t ask me why the strong attraction to elephants because it beats me. But to go there and do that would be… awesome. It would be just totally out of my reality and beyond anything I’ve ever done.

And I wouldn’t even mind shoveling the poop. Elephants make a lot of poop. Even the little ones.

Maybe one of these days… but something tells me that I’d want to get back to my life after a week or so. Maybe it would be peaceful there and I could really focus on the book?

See? I’m impossible. Who would think about going on vacation and then wonder if it would help get more work done?

It’s because my work isn’t work at all. My work is my love. And it isn’t because I’m lucky either.

It doesn’t have anything to do with luck at all.

What happened was that one day I accepted death. And on that day it was decided that I would’t waste my time doing meaningless things that I had no interest in. So I just quit doing that and starting doing things that I wanted to do.

I am sure that this is what the Universe wants.

Oh, and Heather and I concluded that we are going to take Lily to one of those places where she can swim with dolphins and play with them. That seems to be what she has wanted for years now… we used to watch Youtube video’s, and the general rule of thumb is that the kid has to be seven years old. And… Lily’s seventh birthday is upon us real soon.

I only hope my friend Julia doesn’t get too upset, because she is an activist for dolphins and doesn’t find Sea World particularly cool.

But a man can only do the best he can, and if I can please just one woman… that will be pretty good. No?



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