What Say You?

Kyle with with Reverend Dale Worley

Kyle with with Reverend Dale Worley

Do you think that spiritual leaders don’t get frustrated?

That we don’t feel anger and impatience?

That we aren’t human?

I’ll never forget sitting in my back yard with the man who turned out to become one of my greatest mentors in life, explaining to him all the reasons why I could never go into ministry.

When I was done, Reverend Dale Worley sat back in his chair, and said, “You know, I am just glad that you don’t have to be a perfect person in order to be a minister.”

“What?” I replied.

He exclaimed, “Well then there wouldn’t be any ministers!”

I’d seen so many ministers publicly shamed and even excommunicated, that it took quite a while for this information to settle in.

But it did.

The biggest difference in me now, as opposed to the old days, is that my response is different.

I used to meet anger with anger, to try and present myself as something I wasn’t, to act as if I knew what I didn’t know.

I used to sit around a spout off about what the government should do and what I would have done, and what you should do.

Meanwhile, I never really did anything more than just spout off at the mouth.

And I see a lot of people doing that more so than usual over the past few weeks.

We have the Syrian refugee crisis, and ISIS, and the tragic events in Beirut and Kenya. We have the “Anonymous” group telling us all these threats that we should beware of. And it seems that most forget that we’ve already had nearly one “mass shooting” per day here in the U.S.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama tell us, “God did not create terrorism, so don’t pray for Him to stop it.”

We’ve got to do something.

What am I doing? I started my own church, and our logo includes the symbol of every major world religion, in an attempt to suggest that we are all children of the same God.

Also I am studying at Unity to one day become licensed and ordained within that organization, because they teach what I know to be true.

I write this blog. My first book just came out, and it will not be the last. I teach meditation, give talks, and try to reach people with my music.

We’ve got a lot of problems in the world. But I know and affirm that if we have a problem, then there is also a solution!

Will you affirm that with me?

What is the solution? What can we do? And finally, I ask you, “What are YOU doing towards finding or living a solution?”

I want to know. Tell me. Let’s talk. As His Holiness told us, “We’ve got to take action!”

I am just going to lovingly get louder and louder. The message is really simple;

anger + anger= ANGER

love + love = LOVE

No matter what color you are, or what church you go to, or where you are from or what language you speak, the exact same consciousness that is in you, is in me.

God is in all of us. Yes, even the “bad guy.”

Pardon me for being so fired up today, but I am. Hopefully I will get some comments here or on Facebook and we can talk about some ideas and we can talk about a SOLUTION.

I am fortunate to know many who are seeking and living in the solution, and my call for us all today is to get louder. Re-double our efforts. Find the strength that lies within each of us, and show it.

Let your love light shine a little brighter.



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kyle says:

Thank you Reverend James. I know you do a lot of GOOD and I am grateful for your presence in my life. Isn’t it grand?