What It Means to Finish


IMG_1595Here we are at the end of May, and there are graduation pictures all over social media.

My daughter just finished second grade and immediately pronounced upon arriving home that, “I am now officially a third grader!”

My friend Lesta Sue and I just simultaneously completed SEE (Spiritual Education and Enrichment) through the Unity Institute yesterday, and already we are sending in applications and making preparations to go into the next phase of our education.

The next thing.

But I truly believe that without the ability to hone in on the moment and focus, it is nearly impossible to finish anything.

I’ve started many things that I never finished. But today, I can start something, and know that I have the “follow through” ability.

Last week was the last week of classes for Lesta Sue and I, and I told her, “I just don’t even want to think about anything past this week, let’s just be present and enjoy this, because… this is IT!”

And that is exactly what we did. After all, this really is it. This day is it. We won’t be taking these classes from these teachers with our fellow students again.

Kyle with Lesta Sue Hardee celebrating SEE graduation 2016

Kyle with Lesta Sue Hardee celebrating SEE graduation 2016

So we had fun.

Many of the clients that I’ve worked with and coached over the years just needed guidance and reminding to stay present. You have a stated intention, you are moving in that direction, and in many cases, there are great sacrifice’s involved.

Time away from family, money, anything we work to achieve is going to cost us something. And that is the whole idea!

To set an intention of any kind, work towards it, and then achieve it, is to develop a strong sense of self-confidence. Not only that, but we also develop a sense of confidence in our friends and our family and those who support us along the way.

Not to mention forming a deeper relationship with God, Spirit, Universal Law, or however you wish to call It.

There is the cartoon of the dogs, where one is the guru talking to his disciple saying, “It isn’t in getting the bone, it is in the digging!”

In other words, it is the journey, not the destination. Stop and smell the roses. Remember that you have good reason for doing what you are doing, and if you are having to sacrifice right now, it won’t be forever.

Today, the day after graduation, I feel like my friends and my family and Spirit are just One big blanket wrapped around me. I know that I am loved no matter what. I know that if I fall down, they will pick me up. If there is something I really need, I will have it.

And this leads me to feel like I could just do anything in the world.

And that is a really good feeling.

It means a lot to finish.



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