What Is Mine to Do?


pulseIt was Wednesday and time was fast approaching for our weekly Contemplative Healing service at Unity of Savannah.

And here I was, all alone.

My minister and mentor was out-of-town, the people who usually step in were sick or had something else to do that night, and there were no other Prayer Chaplains available.

I got things prepared, and then called Silent Unity and asked to be “prayed in,” plus I had been praying plenty on my own.

It isn’t as if I don’t have a lot of experience speaking, praying, leading meditations, and playing music. I can lead a service on my own. After all, I led a church for a year and all…

But this week, the tragic incident in Orlando was going to have to be addressed.

And it was clearly mine to do.

I prayed some more, and remembered how I’d spoke the week after the incident in Charleston last year. I reassured myself that, “You will know the right thing to say at the right time, and SPIRIT will speak through you and guide you.”

If nobody was there at 6:30, I would lock the door and run.

But sure enough, right at 6:30, two people ambled in. I greeted them and we talked about what we should do. Should we just pray and leave? And then two other people showed up.

Gotta do the service Kyle.

No need to take you through the entire service, but at one point I was asked to pray for the victims in Orlando and their families, and also to please pray for the “bad guy,” and his family as well.

I suddenly exclaimed, “And what about the officers who were forced to take the “bad guy’s” life? Did anyone think of them and their families?

We prayed for everyone.

Like it or not, every other person that you see and encounter in this world is your brother or your sister.

After the prayer I suddenly felt myself being taken over.

“In the Bible, in the Bhagavad-Gita, in every scripture and recorded history that we have, there is tragedy. There is tragedy on most every page.” I said.

We live in a Universe in which everything, and I mean everything is in a constant state of living and dying. Even the cells in our bodies are constantly dying and regenerating. We live in a Universe where there are many different people who are in different states of consciousness, or “mind,” if you prefer. Tragedy occurs around us all the time and it always has.

And one day, we will transition or die too.

One of the four congregants shrugged their shoulders and asked, “What can you do?”

And it was then that I realized how powerless people were feeling.

And it was then that I felt the great surge of SPIRIT enter me and began to pour out of my mouth.

“Look at the thousands of people who lined up to give blood. Look at the thousands of people who are speaking out. There are lots of people who need lots of help, and there are ways that YOU can help!”

One of my congregation of four mentioned an organization who is raising money for the employee’s of Pulse(the club where the incident happened), who will be out of work for a while. And some of them are going to no doubt need counseling and emotional help.

I urged everyone, “Don’t sit around as if you have nothing to do with this. Don’t sit around as if there is nothing that you can do to help people who need help!”

If you are reading this blog right now, maybe you believe in God and maybe you don’t. Maybe you consider yourself to be on a Spiritual path, or maybe you don’t.

And none of that really matters so much.

What matters is that YOU know that YOU matter. What you say and what you do and how you live your life does indeed matter. We must speak our truth and we must live our truth, and that means that we need to act.

So if you are feeling powerless, or frustrated and helpless, I sincerely urge you to do ANYTHING. Send even a small amount of money to an organization who is supporting the victims and their families.

Speak out when you hear someone voice that violence towards anyone is a good idea.

And I assure you that you will feel differently.

Because you are certainly not powerless or helpless. In no way is this true.

It is true that we cannot do anything to change what has happened. But we can sure do something to change what is happening in our lives right now.

And we can make a difference.

I invite you now to stop and take a moment and ask yourself the very same question that I ask myself every day;

What is mine to do?


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