What If You Already Are?


What does it take to become enlightened? 

What does it take to get all the things we want, or to become all that we want to become?

Have you ever noticed that when you get something that you want, there is soon to be something else that you want?

“I’ve climbed to the top of the mountain. Now what?”

Jesus, the Buddha, and every other spiritual teacher that I have ever encountered, taught us that everything is within us already.

“Thoughts become things!”

So our life circumstances and everyone around us, comes from the make-up of our thoughts.

If we could only be grateful, joyful, thankful, if we could only praise everything and everyone around us, then all of these things would multiply. This is Universal Law. Truth. And I have seen and experienced it myself.

One idea that is helpful to hold in mind, is the idea of the seed.

We can look at the biggest and oldest and most majestic oak tree, and know that at one time, it was just a small thing that could be held in the hand.

But holding the seed in the hand, we see only the seed. We do not see what the seed is to become.

There is a lot more in that seed than meets the eye.

And looking at the majestic tree, we do not see what it once was. We only see it now.

We have to consciously remind ourselves that the little seed contained all of what has become. This majestic oak came from a small seed.

And what if we look at ourselves and at those around us in this same way?

What if a person is just like this? A seed that is growing and evolving?

Into what it already is.

Meditating on this, it is easy to see that anything that I could ever be is already inside of me. The seed.

Thus, I already am.

What if you already are?

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