What If I Don’t Feel “Spiritual?”


IMG_2356I think you mean, “What if I don’t feel good?”

Sometimes we are angry or depressed. Sometimes we are dealing with inner issues and facing things that may not be so pleasant. Sometimes we have life situations that are challenging. Sometimes we do the “right thing,” and sometimes we don’t.

Sometimes we are in pain.

We label emotions and times such as these as being, “bad,” simply because they don’t feel good.

And so we don’t feel “spiritual.”

However, when things are going our way, when we wake up feeling good, then we associate  the “good” feelings with “spiritual.”

Obviously there are differences between pain and pleasure, easy and difficult, and fun and not so fun.

But it is all spiritual. YOU are a Spirit with a body and a mind, and so it would be impossible for you not to be “spiritual.”

Let’s not be fooled. Let’s remember that often it is the challenging times, or the not so good times, that cause us to grow.

When I don’t feel so good, when I am feeling angry or a little down, and when things do not seem to be going my way, (or the way I think they should) it is up to me to continue with my spiritual practice as best I can.

I remind myself that, “This too shall pass.”

And I know that it will pass. It always does. A new day will come. I will feel better again.

It may even be that since the difficult times are the times in which we grow, that this is actually a more “spiritual” time than the good or easy times.

Just something to ponder.

But no matter how you feel right now, you are “spiritual.” There is nothing that isn’t “spiritual.”

So let’s do what we need to do and keep it moving forward!

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