What Do You See?


Unity Village 2017 Summer

It is ironic that the brain is conditioned to look for trouble.


We are all part of a great evolution, or an evolving. The galaxies, the planets, our planet earth, and…. we humans.

At this stage of evolution, our brains are pretty much the same as they were in pre-historic caveman days. And what the brain needed to do during that time in history was to simply keep us alive.

So our brains look for trouble. The brain looks everywhere, judges everyone and every situation, and even goes to great lengths to explore possibilities and what outcomes may or may not be.

Thus, the natural human tendency is to look at what we don’t have instead of looking at what we do have. It is only natural for the brain to process our surroundings through the senses, and alert us of any possible danger.

The problem is that we live in a very different world today than we did in 1950, 1900, 1875, or 1630.

Very different indeed.

And so many of the perceived dangers that our brain alerts us to, are not real.

As we awaken into consciousness, which means awakening to the fact that we are watching and aware of our thoughts, so we must not be them, awakening to the fact that we are not the mind-brain-thoughts, nor are we the body, we see

that everything is relative.

Right. It totally depends on your vantage point or the way you decide to look at a situation. And this is precisely what we are talking about when we talk about doing our, “inner work.” Because we actually have to stop old thought patterns and work towards creating new ones.

The brain is going to naturally show us what we don’t have or what it thinks we need. And we have to consciously interject and show the brain what we do have, and that everything is okay right now.

Today I was spending time with a guy who is pretty down on his luck. He is renting a small room from another guy, and he has not been able to hold down his last couple of jobs and isn’t having much luck finding another one. He’s in a pretty tough spot.

I asked him, “Have you ever been in prison?” And he said, “Yeah I did seventeen months up north.” And I said, “I bet when you were in prison you would have given anything to be here right now just like this.”

“You are damn right,” he said. Then he smiled and said, “Things could be a lot worse.”

No matter what our situation is, and there is a very high probability that none of us here are going to be in a situation as bleak as my friend, we have to wake up in consciousness and realize that, “IT IS WHAT IT IS.”

It is neither, “good” or, “bad,” it is simply what we say it is or how we are going to choose to perceive it.

I am going to take a moment now and I invite you to take a few moments too, to just smile. That’s right. Put a smile on your face even if you don’t feel like it. And let’s affirm together, “My life is awesome!” and, “I’ve got it made!” and “I am grateful!”

Take a few moments and simply think of the good things in your life, your family and/or friends.

It doesn’t matter if the glass is half full or half empty. Once you wake up you realize that you are holding a pitcher of water.


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