Were You Really Done Wrong?

Kyle Shiver INHA

Kyle Shiver INHA

First off, the thing I love most about people who contend that they have been done wrong, is that they are passionate people. The angrier they are, the more passionate they were about what they were doing before they were “wronged”.

Those who don’t care so much, just simply go get another relationship or job and move along. But those passionate people… I should say “us” passionate people, we don’t just move along so easily. This is because we put our heart and soul into what we do. We are what we do and what we do is us. It means something to us. We live with purpose and enthusiasm, and when there is a shift, when suddenly it falls apart in a split second, it nearly kills us.

I’d had my share of failed relationships before I met my now wife of nearly thirteen years. There were some bad break-ups that threw me for a loop. I’ll tell you straight up with no hesitation that I wouldn’t trade my wife for any of those heart breaks of the past. Not even close. Now I look back and see that those relationships were simply to lead me to this relationship. They weren’t bad, they were what they were. When someone does you wrong in a relationship, it just means that it isn’t what you thought it was. And I always must point out that “hurt people, hurt people”. Now you know, so move on along.

Worse than relationships for me though, were two very monumental career changes. Changes that I did not foresee or want at the time. Though both of these situations threw me into a tailspin at the time, I look back now and see that just like with my wife, I would not go back to those jobs for anything.

You see, I never imagined a wife like mine, and I never imagined work like I’m doing now. I didn’t know that there was such a woman, or such work to do. All that I knew at the time was what my intentions were at the time. To love who I was with, and to do my very best at work. I am a passionate person and I do not play around. Now I have learned that when things shift on me, it is GOOD!

– Most often the “worst thing that ever happened” will in fact turn out to be the best thing that ever happened.

– If you don’t put up a sail, you aren’t going anywhere at all.

– If you do put up a sail, then go the way the wind blows you.

It turns out that I was never done wrong, cheated, or anything like that. Today I look back on it all and smile. I do not think or say that I was wronged, because in reality I was “righted”.  As a matter of fact, those women lost the best man. Those companies lost their best employee. They only hurt themselves in sending me on my way and in the ways they sent me on my way. Me? I had my sail up, and the wind blew me here. I was not with the best woman for me. I was not with the best job for me. I thought I was, but little did I know that the wind knew something I didn’t.

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Russell Swinger says:

I’ve got my sale up.

kyle says:

Yes you do my man, and keep it up!

Good words from good person.

John Ervin says:

Another timely message my brother! Thank you.

kyle says:

Love you brother John!

kyle says:

Love and blessings to you all, and thank you for reading and commenting.

Deedee says:

Thank you Kyle, you say what I need to hear, to clarify and validate what is in my heart. Your words are my gift.

Jennye says:

Beautiful words and beautiful lessons, my friend! It is so true and valid what you have written and shared! I honor you as I honor myself and our respective lessons!

Mark molloy says:

Hey Kyle , Thank you for your post!!
I really needed that!!
I don’t have a problem with relationships I’ve been married twice divorced twice the plenty stepchildren but my main problem now is my financial situation.
I’m now debating on going to craigslist midweek To post some guitars a bike and other items for sale.
The situations got really bad as gigs go and guitar repair this is been really slow right now and not bringing Much income as I needed.
I really need to rethink my philosophy And outlook on life.
Did your help buddy!