We Are A Lot Alike


Today I was talking with a guy who told me that he had drank alcohol until he literally was about to die.

He then got sober.

Then he smoked cigarettes until he got so sick that he had pneumonia and had to have surgery on his lungs.

He quit smoking.

Now he says that he is eating and has gained fifty pounds.

Having been through some of the exact same issues, I could identify on a very deep level with this guy.

Why do we do things that hurt us? Why do we insist upon it sometimes right up until we are about to die? Why do we stop one bad habit, only to pick up another one that can be equally as bad, or in some cases, even worse?

I’ve even seen people get addicted to exercise.

They become obsessed and exercise is all they think about, and soon they begin to have injury after injury as they push their bodies beyond what they are capable of.

Healing ourselves is mostly about trying to figure out how to stop hurting ourselves.

This is true for both physical and emotional healing.

How frustrating it can be when you are attempting to lift yourself up, only to find that you are now doing something else that is not good for you.

But this is in fact the journey of healing, and it is a journey that we are all on.

Once I asked a friend of mine who had been a therapist her entire life the question, “Does everybody have a thing? Something they do that they know they shouldn’t?”

She immediately replied, “Yes.”

It seems that everyone has a vice or a guilty little pleasure. A bad habit that they know full well is harming them in some way.

The silver lining here?

It is the fact that we are not alone. I’m not alone, you aren’t alone, nobody is alone. And not one of us is perfect.

Somehow our bad habit doesn’t seem normal to us. We know it is bad. We berate ourselves for continuing the behavior, yet continue it anyway.

But it is normal.

It is the human condition.

So let’s love each other and try to remember that everyone we meet is most likely fighting their own battle.

We are a lot more alike than we might think.

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