We Always Have What We Need


So many of us are taught that we will be “punished” for our “sins.”

But you know that what resonates with me the most is the idea of “Oneness.” It doesn’t make sense to me that the Universe, or God, would be against us.

It just doesn’t.

What does make sense to me is that a person who feels bad, will instinctively do things to perpetuate feeling bad.

You may have heard the saying, “Hurt people hurt people.”

This means that you aren’t being punished afterwards, you are actually already the negative that is doing the negative, that is going to most likely produce more negativity. In other words, you are already hurt to begin with.

And our hurt always spreads out from us.

At this point we must ask ourselves, “If God(or the Universe) isn’t really out to get us, then what are we doing that is working against our own selves?”

We are not allowed to blame other people or circumstances for our lives, and if this is so, and God is not against us, then…

It can only be us.

What do I want? What do I not want? What can I do differently right now? Do I see patterns in my life that need to be broken somehow?

Let us stop punishing ourselves. Let us stop making ourselves sick. Let us awaken to the fact that we are doing this. We are responsible for our lives.

And let us know that when we are ready to change, we can.

Because we always have what we need.

Kyle Shiver  INHA

Kyle Shiver INHA

Kyle Shiver is founder of the Spirit Center and Spiritual Leader of Tybee Spirit. For Spiritual Healing session, or to schedule Kyle for an event, contact via e-mail kyle@thespiritcenter.us or by phone 912-495-8520

Thank you and many blessings!

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