Was It A Mistake?


IMG_2356Sometimes we make a bad choice or decision and we learn from it.

As soon as we realize that something is awry, we let it go and move on.

But then other times we might just keep right on going with it. Maybe it will get better. Or we just cannot give-up whatever the poor choice may be.

Also, things change, people changes, circumstances change, and… this means that what was okay last year may be totally different this year.

I think it really comes down to how we choose to look at it. What story do we tell ourselves about it?

Earlier today I was talking with someone about how you can ask me about my day, and I can go either way with it. I can list off everything that happened today that I didn’t like or that went wrong. Heck, I could make a list a mile long.

But then looking around, if I choose to do so, a lot of things went right today.

So you can take today and you can describe it as the worst possible day, or you an describe it as the best possible day.


Looking back on my life, I can easily sit around and make a list of mistakes I made. But then again, were they really “mistakes?”

Just like we can do with one day, you can actually look back on your life and list all the bad stuff and make it sound like you’ve had the worst life imaginable. Or… you can list all the good stuff and make it sound like the best life anyone has ever had.

You’ve had things not work out?

Well join the rest of us on that very same bus.

Were they mistakes? Or were they the path that led you to today?

I also like to break up this word so that it reads, “mis-take.”

True. If we can learn from out mis-takes, then we don’t have to repeat them again. We can move forward. And it is also true that as we move forward we will probably make new mis-takes.

Probably the most difficult thing for me to do is to have compassion and forgiveness for myself. Nobody is tougher on us than us.

So let’s think about this a little. Maybe we can tell ourselves a different story. Maybe if our past actions have led us to now, maybe there weren’t any mis-takes. Maybe that is just what it took to get us to here and now.

And there is never anything wrong right now.

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