True Sacrifice Is…


IMG_3335True sacrifice is to “stop thinking”.

When I am thinking a lot, it is either about a resentment, or it is about my “next big thing”. Sometimes it is about trying to make a decision, and I just cannot figure out what to do.

When I’m thinking a lot, there isn’t much emphasis on what is happening right now in this present moment, and this becomes a problem. It seems ironic to me how “thinking” and “problems” seem to go together hand in hand.

Is it the problems that cause me to have to think so hard? Or is it the thinking that causes all the problems?

It also seems very ironic to me that when I am centered and in this present moment, there is no problem.

It is only when I feel the  need to “teach someone a lesson”, or when I am torn between going one way or the other, or when I am trying to come up with a plan to get rich, that my problems seem to escalate.

Knowing that it is not my job to teach anyone a lesson, it is not my job to know what is best for me, and that my life is okay right now just the way it is, is a sacrifice. It is a sacrifice of my self. It is saying to God (or the Universe), You know better than I do!

When my brain gets hold of something and won’t let it go, I just have to ask my self one simple question; “Do you really believe what you say you believe?”

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