Today’s Manifestation


I am in the process of creating a podcast, and connecting it to iTunes. The server, or host that I am using is free at this point, but when iTunes accepts me, I am going to buy unlimited space from the host for $100 a year. This way I can put up talks on a regular basis and people can download them and listen to them any time.

This morning I was looking around at different hosts, though I have had good success with the one I already have and plan to use. (Soundcloud) Then I got a message that said “Hey, I need you to come pick up your paintings, and I sold one, so there’s some money for you.” I had been expecting this, as the art was to be in this gallery just for a short time, but was pleasantly surprised to hear that they had sold a piece. So I went to the gallery, picked up the art, along with a check for…… $100. That would be a sign!

Be looking for my new podcast channel soon!




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