Today I Jumped


Kyle 3Speaking at my “home church” is amazing.

Today was actually the third opportunity that I’ve had to speak at Unity of Savannah, and as I shared with the congregation today, “standing there before everyone feels like I am truly in the hands of God”. It feels like home.

Yes, I get nervous. Thus far I’ve spoken at the Tybee Church many times, and have also spoken, played music, and led workshops, at Unity’s all over the southeast. Each time is its own experience, and each time it is very exhilarating, but nothing is more exhilarating than speaking at home, in the midst of all my peers and my mentor the Reverend Dale Worley.

I think that if you don’t ever get nervous, if you don’t ever feel a little fear, you might not be following God’s plan for you. You might be just taking the easy road. When you are nervous and afraid, this is your opportunity to show your faith. It is my opportunity to say to my self; “Kyle, you are not going to get in the way and mess this up!”

Sometimes I think that sky-diving must be similar. Not that I have any desire to go sky-diving. (though I have been zip lining through the mountains of Costa Rica) Once you are up there and you have your parachute on, the time is going to come when you gotta just do it.

“Am I prepared?” “What if I forget something important?” Millions of things can go on between the ears just before showtime. The best thing is to take a deep breath, get as present as possible, and what I love so much about my church is that all you have to do is “be real”.

Just be yourself. That makes jumping a lot easier and a lot more fun!

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