To Let Go or Not To Let Go? (part 1)


kyle_ssi_002 3There is nothing more uncomfortable in life than to be in a situation, and not know what to do.

Do I hold on or do I let go? Should I keep doing this or just stop? I used to at all times have some sort of thing going on in my life that I wasn’t sure of. Most often these “puzzles” have to do with a job or a relationship. After all, “It’s either money or love!”

People say, “Don’t give up before the miracle happens!” and then they say, “Let go, or be dragged!”

So which is it? How am I supposed to know? Do I hang in here and fight a little harder? Is there something else that I can try? Or should I jump ship?

Now I am not pointing any fingers here, but when I get in to a situation like this, it is full on, 100% drama. I get totally absorbed in trying to figure out what to do. I think of all the scenario’s, all the possibilities, you would think that our country was being invaded or something. Yes, this happens to us sometimes in life.

But thank goodness it doesn’t happen to me anymore.

My spiritual advisor taught me that if I have a clear-cut intention, then decision making is easy. If I have boundaries, then decision making is easy. Ever since I got very clear with my intentions and my boundaries, life has been a lot easier. And a lot less dramatic.

“Is that in line with your intention?” he will casually ask. It’s either “yes” or “no”. Something either is or it isn’t. My advisor taught me how to be clear and to know what my intentions are, what my boundaries are, and that if something is not in line with my intention, or if someone has crossed my boundaries, there is a problem.

A personal example I can give you is my music career. Several years ago, I decided that it probably was not going to provide me with the life I want. I went through a phase where I was pretty angry, and to make matters worse, I couldn’t just quit. It is pretty funny to say, but I was stuck doing what I’d always wanted to do.

So my intention became to look for other things that I’m interested in. I began going to school online. I began painting more. Soon I was seeing clients and working in energy healing and spiritual counsel. I already know that music gave me a certain amount, but I topped out years ago. But instead of just quitting and walking off, I have casually continued playing my gigs, while pursuing other things.

This way I maintain my income and add income from other streams. One day, something else will take over as the lead stream, and then I will play less. It will be nice to play when and where I want, and not have to depend on playing.

Instead of “letting go”, I made a several clear decisions, based on what I want. “This isn’t really working and hasn’t after nearly twenty years, so I will keep it while transitioning in to something else.” There is no drama, because I’m not trying to make up my mind about it.

Now that I know my clear intention, I am moving towards it, and so everything is okay. Any time I need to make a decision, I just ask myself, “Is this leading you where you want to go?” and there’s my answer.

When it comes to boundaries, you’ll want stay tuned for part two of this blog 🙂

Many blessings to you!

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