This Morning’s Church


Sometimes it doesn’t make any sense.

Then at other times it makes perfect sense.

It is the game I play where other people are me, and so through them, I am speaking to myself. And this has been an interesting week, more so than usual. As you might imagine, there were times when I get very mixed messages.

But I have learned to weed through things somewhat.

Sometimes the negative messages that I don’t like are exactly what I need to hear, and sometimes not.

It is the same with the positive messages though, so the game isn’t about what may be “negative” or “positive”.

The game is about figuring out what I need to hear.

Today I overslept. It is Sunday and last night my band didn’t play. This morning I had no church event scheduled to be at. We go to church sometimes when I’m not involved, but sometimes we don’t. Today I think I just wanted the day off.

Heather told Lily and I, “Well let your daddy have his coffee and then we are going to have our own church service.” She said, “We’ll read some out of the bible or some scripture and then have prayer and meditation time.”

Lily laughed and said, “I don’t know how to meditate so I don’t have to do it.” to which Heather replied, “Oh yes you do and you will!”

Looks like I’m going to church weather I want to or not.

Now, I know already that God is everywhere. I know already that wherever I am at, is “church”. And I also know that what Heather wants is for us to do something together as a family. And if I shared a bit of our strange schedule with you, this would be very understandable.

So my presence is being strongly requested.

Now that I’ve finished my coffee, it is off to church I go!

Clowning around at the Jeckyll Island Club

Clowning around at the Jeckyll Island Club

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