There’s Always A Price to Pay


I know this guy and he tells me, “When I was homeless, I used to look around and see people with girlfriends and wives and cars and places to live, and I’d think “Man that guy’s got it made.”

He follows that up with, “Once I got a wife and a house and a car, I’d look at homeless people and think, “Man that guy’s got it made!”

What he is saying is that everything in the Universe has it’s “up” sides and it’s “down” sides. There is no perfect place where there are only “up” sides. In the end what it comes down to is how you look at it, or rather, your perception.

Were you homeless, you might very easily look at someone who had all the above mentioned and think about how nice it would be. But should you have all of the above mentioned, you might very easily wish at times that you didn’t have all the responsibilities that come along with them.

This guy also sometimes asks me, “Which price do you want to pay?”

The first time he asked me that, it kind of took me by surprise because I’d never looked at it like that before. At the time, I was going through a time of questioning myself and my life. I wasn’t sure if I’d made the right decisions in life. But as I thought about things in these terms, I was easily able to agree that I’d made all the right decisions and done all the right things. For me.

I saw that even though there is a price to pay for being me, that everything had always worked out just fine. So in the end, it isn’t really that much of a price.

There have been times when things were rolling along pretty good, and there have been times when I’ve just had to throw up my hands and call my dad. My buddy says that this is what dad’s are for.

I’ve tried things that just didn’t work out. My buddy says that now I know.

He tells me that there is really no such thing as “security” here on planet earth. He tells me that people won’t help me when I need it if they don’t want to. He tells me that people actually need to give, and this I understand because so do I. (Let us not forget that the flow of giving and receiving requires both) He reminds me of General Motors and all of the major corporations that have had to be bailed out over the last decade. He reminds me of the guy who worked all his life towards retirement, only to not quite make it to retirement, or to suddenly find that his retirement isn’t there after all.

He tells me that I couldn’t make a mistake even if I tried, and that everything is okay right now.

Yes, no matter which way you go or what you decide to do with your life, there’s going to be a price. But it is you who can decide what price you want to pay.

One day many years ago now, I really owned the fact that life is very precious. I also owned the fact that it can end any time without warning. I knew that God or the Creator had created me to be just like I was and so that meant that I was supposed to want to do what I wanted to do. Not only that, but that meant that I was supposed to do it. And I knew that if Creator created me and also my desires, then… I knew that there was also a way.

I’ve been doing what I want ever since. I guess there’s been a price to pay, but… it’s the price I choose to pay.

What price do you want to pay?

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