There Is No Such Thing As “the Past”


kyle_ssi_002 3It is true that we are shaped in life by our experiences. Everything that has happened in your life has no doubt happened.

But what we call “the past” is actually with you right now.

Everything that you have ever experienced has been recorded in your brain. Every moment of every day. Scientists tell us that if we could use all of our brain, we would even remember being born and the day we came home from the hospital.

These recordings are actual things in your brain. They are neurological pathways in your brain, or impressions.(I can’t help but think or the 45’s and lp’s of the old days, but of course these “brain recordings” are much smaller)

The catch is that each of these recordings is either a negative, a positive, or a “whatever”. The “whatever” being something that doesn’t concern us one way or the other. You see, the brain records EVERYTHING. Even the things that we don’t consciously notice.

Let’s try an experiment. I invite you to take a moment or two, and remember the day you graduated from High School. Just remember all you can remember about it, who you were with, where you were, and maybe what you did to celebrate.

Now while remembering this event, you either have a smile on your face, or a frown on your face. You feel either negative or positive about it, and this is the recording or impression I am talking about.

It may have been years since you’ve even thought about your high school graduation, but your brain computer can go right back to the file. That means that the files are with you right now in this exact moment and time. So they aren’t somewhere back there in “the past”, they are here.

The files are with you, even when you haven’t thought about them in years. It’s really pretty amazing!

A person can be carrying around all kinds of negative files, and not even be consciously aware of it.

One of my jobs is to help people find their negative files, and then I cause a change in their perception. A “shift” so to speak. It is to change negative recordings, or impressions if you will, in to positive’s.

I do this not by telling you what I believe, or by preaching “the word” to you, but by simply offering some different ways of looking at the situation. New idea’s, new concepts, and new perception.

This is self-examination, inner work, cleaning house, and not just getting rid of negativity, but changing it into positivity. Life is very different when your brain isn’t so full of negative files.(energy)

Your “past” is with you right now, so … this is what I mean when saying “There is no such thing as the past.”

It isn’t the easiest job in the world, but it’s my job, and I love it.

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Dedra Shuman says:

You are amazing, Kyle…one of the most positive persons I have ever known.