There Is A Plan


but it isn’t my plan. It isn’t your plan either.

This is something that I have to remind myself of often as I move seemingly from one world to another.

I leave a death-bed where I am attempting to bring comfort to the person and the family, to go talk with someone who is very distraught because their child is in jail or their best friend overdosed and died last night.

An hour later I am laughing and playing in the water at the pool with my 9-year-old daughter.

And there is something inside me asking, “What the heck is going on here?”

The fact is that people are constantly coming into this world and at the same time, people are constantly going out.

And there are people experiencing everything imaginable in between.

I know there is a plan. I just feel that there is.

Whoever or whatever made this Universe, the stars, the sun and moon and all the planets, the animals and the people and EVERYTHING certainly seems to operate in an order.

There are some things that we know, but a heck of a lot more that we don’t. And sometimes what we know will change into what we thought we knew.

I watch leaves come and go all the time. I am very conscious of this. A tiny budding becomes a leaf of a tree. So green and so new and alive. But with the coming of the fall you see a little bit of yellow on the tip of the leaf. Soon enough it is entirely yellow. And soon again, it has fallen or been shed from the tree and is lying in my yard.

I’ve seen my daughter go from birth to age 9, and experienced all of the different stages with her.

While at the same time, I went from age 40 to age 49.

Wait a minute now…

My plans, which seem so big and important to little old me, are really very small in the scheme of things. Maybe I am a grain of sand on a beach.

And as long as I remember that, things seem to go alright.

Hey, at least we are all a part of the master plan! We could have been left out! Right?

So let’s be kind to each other out there. We are all on the same ride. Let’s enjoy it when we can, and let’s help out others when we can.

Is it a plan?

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