The Tybee Church and More :)


Yesterday people came from all over the place to support me at Tybee church. Several people came from “way out on the west side”, my favorite barista came and surprised me, and most of my favorite Tybeans showed as well. Each time I’ve been invited to speak at Tybee church has been a wonderful experience, and yesterday was no exception. I was deeply touched by your support. Thank you!

The energy is changing, the environments are changing, and the effect is changing. This winter brought some ups and downs for me emotionally, as it seems like everything is in such transition. In the past, I have been a person of extremes, and would just quit something and immediately start another. These days as transition happens, it is slow. Instead of erratic extreme behavior, I am behaving with more purpose, more reasoning, but boy is this new for me. I am just like many other people I know in that I want things the way I want them, and I want them right now! So, with the help of my Spiritual community, and the people who are closest to me, change is happening for the better, a little at a time. It feels different in that it is stronger, it has a foundation. It is powerful.

I am very clear about what I do not want in my life, and I am very clear about what I do want. I want to be in good positive environments, with good positive people. I want to be making a positive impact on people’s lives. I want to be more financially successful and be able to provide more for my family. I want to play music, and practice the healing arts, and continue my studies towards my Holistic Health Practitioner degree. All the while, keeping my focus on and enjoying all the blessings that I have, staying in this present moment, and being grateful for the NOW.

I’m writing a book, have started recording a new cd with my band, and will also be recording a guided meditation cd in the near future, am in the middle of setting up more guided meditation events here in Savannah, seeking Yoga classes to play in, maintaining this blog and Facebook, seeing clients, playing all my gigs, and most importantly, taking time to meditate. Meditation is time spent in the stillness, giving me a break from everything. Meditation is affirming the intentions in my life; to be more loving, more giving, and HEALING. So be sure to stay tuned, because this year all the SPIRIT is on the increase in abundance!

Please remember that “If God is anything, then God has to be everything”. This means what it means and no less. Know that you are the SPIRIT, see God in everyone including yourself. We all are sacred.
Many blessings to you!

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