The Really Big Question


IMG_2569The Creator made it all. The sky, the sun and moon, the clouds and stars, the grass, the ocean and mountains, it was all the work of Creator.

The Creator made all of us too. Mean, friendly, abusive, troubled, compassionate, kind, black, asian, white, tall, short… This is just something that I have always felt, even as a child. My readers already know that I don’t view the Creator/God as a man in a robe, sitting on a throne in Heaven somewhere up in the sky. So, I do really think of it as “we were created”, as much as I think of it as “we all come from the same place.”

We are all Spirits, who live in bodies. It all comes from the same place. We all come from the same place. We are all made of the same stuff.

For years the big question for me was, “Why did God make all of this bad stuff?”

Wars, abusive people, tragic accidents, just the general idea of people getting old and dying. Then again, it is even more bothersome when death comes too soon. Or when you see a sick child who will never reach puberty. I had to know why. I couldn’t take not knowing any longer. It was killing me.

So I found out the answer.

Life and death are one in the same. To be born is to die, for there is no “one without the other”. Every Spirit, or soul, or person, is born here and is at a different stage of awakening. Some are at a lower vibrational level than others. But we are, even the worst among us, “all on the same ladder” so to speak. Everyone is awakening spiritually. Everyone.

Do you remember before you were born? Did you choose your hair color? Probably not. I didn’t choose my hair color, nor do I remember choosing anything. I just woke up here. Just like you did. And I woke up here as “me”, just like you did.

One day it occurred to me, and somebody actually said this to me tonight; “We are all just trying to get back to where we came from.”

But…… the day I realized that there is no separation between me and Creator, or between you and Creator, was the day of days.

The reason and purpose for everything, even the things that hurt us immensely, is our growth. It is all for our journey. But the journey isn’t outside of us, it is within. I have come to understand that when something happens, no matter what it is, it is needed. I have come to understand that when it is your time, it is your time. Likewise, if it isn’t your time, you aren’t going anywhere.

I have also come to understand that, “If you want to change the world, you must first change yourself.” This is the key that so many of us are searching for and never find. Stop looking at other people!!!¬†

Learn about your own self, and then you will understand everyone else a lot better.

Now I don’t wonder anymore. I don’t question anymore. This doesn’t mean that I’m not human and that I don’t have feelings just like you do. It does mean though, that no matter what happens, I know beyond the shadow of a doubt, that all is Perfect and Divine in God’s world.

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gail harrington says:

I was reading this and I thought A little a long the lines of what I think.I always thought we were put on Earth for a reason.I think only I can learn what that is.I think we live working towards that everyday.But I think that if you do not learn your lesson.After death you come back to earth in a different form. This I think is why we feel like we have done things before. I think you keep coming back here till you learn your lesson.Then move on to a better place.

kyle says:

Gail thank you so much for reading and for your response. This very same idea resonates with me as well. May I ask if you are familiar with “Course In Miracles” or a book called “The Disappearance of the Universe”? Those books were very helpful to me in my spiritual growth and in coming to understand the world the way I do today. Especially Disappearance of the Universe, is about being here until we learn our lessons.