The New “Me”


Well, it’s really not the new me, it is the me that has been un-covered, dis-covered, found under all that negative rubbish. The new me is really the me that has always been there! The eternal SPIRIT is love light.

The ideas and thoughts that keep coming up during meditation are centered around working with others as a “Spiritual Life Coach”, and this is most simply not how I see myself, but what I actually am. I am so very successful, having lived my dream of making a living playing music, having a wonderful loving family and friends, it is my quest to continue in life as a healer, a Spiritual Life Coach. I have dealt with addictions, abuse, mental disorders, sudden death of friends and family, and I know how to help you grow closer to your SPIRIT.

So my intentions are :
– Continue working on my book “From Busy Mind to Meditation”. Already at 40,000 words and very developed.
– Continue being a part of and helping to build Spiritual community
– Advertise myself as a Spiritual Life Coach and start taking clients
– Continue to play music at Unity’s and Center’s For Spiritual Living
– Continue giving the SPIRIT Healing Music Meditation and do it more
– Continue my study’s in music/sound healing and in life coaching
– To be a giver


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kyle says:

I can do this!!!