The Most Precious Gift

Look what found me!

Look what found me!

The Universe works in some very interesting ways.

But yes, it does work according to Law.

It is very nice and refreshing to have lost all the worry that I used to I’ve with. It is very nice to be able to just say, “Let’s just deal with the situation at hand.”

Living in accordance with the Law takes all the personality out of it. No matter what anyone says or does, you can just figure that, “This must be the way the Universe wants to do this.”

Because the Universe is reflecting you.

If you are intentionally and consciously acting to activate the Laws, then that is that.

It doesn’t matter anymore what other people do or say, and there is no fear about something not happening the way you want it to.

You know it will happen, but you just don’t know how.

Or when. IMG_1836

Sometimes the Universe tells me that I need a little more work in certain areas. Sometimes I just can’t get any relief. Sometimes it seems to take an eternity. And sometimes I don’t want to do what I need to do.

But I know and I know and I know….

If you don’t like the results you’ve been getting, you might just want to try taking some different actions. Maybe hanging out in some different places and with some different people wouldn’t hurt either.

If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you will likely keep getting what you’ve been getting.

The nice part of that is that if you do something different, you will likely get some different results.

Maybe the Universe doesn’t just swoop down and lift you out of that giant hole you dug. Maybe the Universe simply allows you to work your way out of it yourself.
Maybe it will take a little time.

And maybe, just maybe, that will be the most precious gift you’ll ever receive.

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